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St. John Vianney

Secular Franciscan Fraternity Our Lady of the Angels Region

The Tau - USA  a publication of the National Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Fraternity of the United States,

   is a vital communication link between the NAFRA leadership and all candidates and all 

 professed Secular Franciscans throughout the United States.  

The articles within the publication,  while  sharing the Secular Franciscan 

charism and vision, are intended to inform, inspire and challenge.

 every candidate and professed member receives this publication -

if you don't receive it notify your Minister                   

   To receive the Tau-USA in electronic form only, 

email Bob Herbelin, OFS at [email protected]

The Troubadour ... published by Our Lady of the Angels Region of the Secular Franciscan Order 
 Connecting Secular Franciscan Fraternities throughout our Region.  
Call For Articles...  Whenever you see the Spirit of St. Francis at work
in your lives, in your fraternity, in its members and in your hearts - we
want to hear from you. Come, share with us.  Editor: Anna Geraci ,OFS
[email protected]